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Building Your Dream SDA Property

Target accessibility, comfort, functionality and safety with our custom-built SDA homes in Adelaide. We build innovative, disability-friendly homes where all NDIS participants can lead safe, autonomous, and empowering lives.

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Pioneering Development with SDA Housing in Adelaide

As an NDIS participant, your accommodation can go a long way in determining your overall comfort and well-being. That’s why we at AEON Home Builders help build Specialist Disability Accommodation houses tailored to meet the unique requirements of NDIS participants. Through our SDA homes, we aim to offer a supportive environment to the participants where they can live to their fullest without being limited by any safety concerns.

As a trusted name in building SDA housing in Adelaide, we aim to set new standards for quality and accessibility and bring innovative and disability-friendly living spaces to life. We always remain at the forefront of innovations and ensure every home we build and design is equipped with all NDIS-approved assistive technologies. Whether you are an –

  • NDIS participants whose current accommodation doesn’t meet accessibility standards
  • NDIS service provider who aims to offer accommodation service
  • An investor who wishes to invest in SDA properties

We are the team you need to count on. Our custom-built SDA properties will fulfil all your expectations and bring to life a highly functional and modern residential space every time.

Our Services

Choose accessibility, comfort and safety with our custom Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) development and home modification services. We specialise in building disability-friendly living spaces that cater to the special requirements of the residents.

Our Vision & Our Mission

Our vision is to establish AEON Home Builders as a symbol of excellence in accessible housing solutions, pioneer innovation and setting new standards for quality and inclusivity. Our mission is to create Specialist Disability Accommodations (SDA) that prioritise independence, choice, and control within a supportive environment tailored to each individual’s unique needs and preferences.

Our Values


We continually improve and embrace technological advancements in disability services, design, development, and construction to maintain excellence.



Our commitment to transparency, professionalism, and quality ensures participants receive the highest standard of care and support.



Our core beliefs prioritise the rights, respect, and genuine compassion for people with disabilities, putting their well-being first.



We empower our participants by actively involving them in the design and construction process of their SDA homes.



Valuing diversity, we treat every individual with respect, acceptance, and understanding, honouring their unique abilities and dignity.


Building Disability-Friendly and Accessible Living Spaces

Why choose between style and accessibility when you can have both? Our SDA homes are thoughtfully designed living spaces that incorporate all aspects of comfort and safe and accessible living. Our custom options make room for complete personalisation. If you have a specific vision, we will turn it into reality through thorough planning, designing and construction. While you can incorporate several features that aid your disability and build a personalised home, all our SDA living options have some basic accessibility inclusions like widened doorways and ramp access. SDA living is not just about having a roof over your head but ensuring access to a living space where you can exercise control, build capacity and lead an empowering life.

Our service covers –

  • SDA Builds: Design and develop living spaces that are functional, accessible, modern and comfortable.
  • Accessibility Modifications: Modify your existing home and give it a disability-friendly makeover.
  • Knockdown Rebuild: You can knock down your current home and rebuild it into an accessible SDA home while continuing to live in your neighbourhood.
  • Development: Make way for a profitable investment with our property development solutions.
  • Residential Homes: Build a disability-friendly residential home while incorporating custom accessibility features and design elements.
  • Project Management: Make way for 360-degree project management covering site acquisition, feasibility analysis, development approvals, construction management, etc.

So, whether you wish to upgrade your current home and turn it into a disability-friendly space, set up an accessible residential home, or build an SDA home from the ground up, you can connect with our team at AEON Homes. When you schedule a consultation session, we will sit down with you to understand your requirements and help bring your vision to life. If you have any questions regarding the feasibility of your project, our design experts will be sure to guide you through.

Crafting Disability Friendly Spaces For You!

Bringing Innovations in SDA Homes to Life

Within the NDIS space, SDA service goes a long way in assisting participants with high-intensity needs. While regular accommodations may limit their mobility and choice primarily due to safety and accessibility concerns, SDA housing aims to take such concerns out of the picture and offers participants better control over their everyday lives. We put a lot of planning into designing spaces that best cater to the lifestyle, functional and disability requirements of the NDIS participants. There are 4 SDA design categories offering diverse levels of support to the participants. These are –

  • Improved Livability: Focussing on
  • Fully Accessible
  • Robust
  • High Physical Support

Based on the category you choose, the design and accessibility elements would vary. Every disability housing in Adelaide will have several integrations prioritising the growth and well-being of the NDIS participants. This includes –

  • Accessibility features include wide doorways and hallways, ramped entryways, and bathroom fixtures like roll-in showers and grab bars.
  • Adaptability features like flexible floor plans, reinforced walls, adjustable height countertops, etc.
  • Safety and security features like non-slip flooring, well-lit pathways, secure entry systems, etc.
  • Technological integrations like voice-activated controls, home automation systems, etc.

As your chosen SDA home builders in Adelaide, you can incorporate these and several other features into your SDA homes. We will be sure to accommodate all your needs and design spaces where NDIS participants can lead an empowering journey.

What We Do

SDA Build

Customise your SDA build and bring to life an accessible, functional and safe space for all residents.

Accessibility Modifications

Equip your property with NDIA approved accessibility modifications and build a disability-friendly space.

Knockdown Rebuild

Opt for knockdown rebuild and upgrade to better living conditions without leaving your current home.

Project Managemen

Make way for 360-degree assistance with our specialist SDA build project management service.


Start and conclude your home development journey the right way with us at AEON Home Builders.

Residential Homes

Partner with us and expect a premium and flawless residential home building service, delivered to perfection.

Building Your Dream Home,
One Brick at a Time

Why Choose Us as Your SDA Home Builders Adelaide?

Don’t trust any regular builder with your SDA housing requirements, but seek the assistance of our team, which specialises in designing and building SDA living solutions.

Experience and Expertise

We have years of experience bringing numerous SDA homes to life. We are a team of licensed and experienced professionals who will oversee each and every aspect of your project and ensure a top-quality build.

Accessibility Requirements

As NDIS builders, we have in-depth knowledge of all the accessibility features that every SDA home should have. So, if you need expert advice on designing an SDA home for yourself or investment purposes, you can trust our experts to guide you in the right direction.

Safety Considerations

Safety is a key priority for SDA properties. All the design, style and construction choices we make are in life, ensuring the safety of everyone who chooses to live in our SDA homes. We prioritise safety and ensure safety concerns don’t limit your choice and control within your living spaces.

Custom Solutions

At AEON Home Builders, we follow a personalised approach and offer customised solutions for our clients. Whatever expectations you have, share them with us, and we will bring them to life in the most efficient way possible.

Custom-Made NDIS Housing in Adelaide

So, whether you wish to build an SDA home for yourself or as an investment opportunity, connect with us and materialise your dreams the right way. Our SDA smart homes are modern solutions that can potentially enhance the overall quality of living of NDIS participants. We are aware of the responsibility we carry, and therefore, we always put our best foot forward and leave no room for compromises of any kind.

If you have been looking for SDA home builders in Adelaide and your search leads you to us, it is time you connected with us. Share your requirements with us, and we will be sure to deliver to your expectations. To learn more about our SDA homes or service, get in touch with us today.


There are several benefits of investing in SDA homes, including but not limited to –

  • Attractive returns with competitive rental yields and the possibility of capital growth.
  • Secure, long-term lease agreements.
  • NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation property investments offer attractive tax benefits and incentives.

To know more, you can connect with our experts.

The exact cost of building a residential home will depend on the nature of the project and the scope of work involved. Once you connect with us, we will give you a rough estimate based on several factors like area covered, functional requirements, etc.

There is no exact timeframe; it will vary from project to project. At AEON Home Builder, we aim to finish the work within the minimum required timeframe. Once we understand the nature of the work, we will give you a project timeline and ensure that the project is completed within the deadline.

Our SDA property-related services include –

  • SDA Builds
  • Accessibility Modifications
  • Knockdown Rebuild
  • Development
  • Residential Homes
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